The Riesenschnauzer and the German Shepherds

Our goal at Leading Edge Kennels is to develop and strengthen the working nature of the Riesenschnauzer and the German Shepherd. Their combination of intelligence, power, and devotion along with their protective and territorial natures present truly unique specimens of these dogs. Temperament is very important with the working breeds. A sound, well-balanced dog is a true experience. They are dogs that are strong willed in character with the intelligence to present a real challenge.

We have acquired quality foundation stock to start our program. From these individuals we hope to continue what was started many, many years ago with the working Dog.

To nurture the innate working nature of the Riesenschnauzer and German Shepherd we compete in the sport of Schutzhund. This 3-phased sport tests the dog and handler team in the disciplines of Tracking, Obedience and Protection.



  • Male
  • V1 Hendrix von den Oher Tannen, DN27549101
  • 5xIPO3, KKL, HD a1, ED a1, DNA
    2014 National Universal Sieger Champion
    DVG National Championship Competitor 2012
    Born 23 February, 2010
    Sire: VA1 (USA) Teejay von Wilhendorf, SchH3, Kkl1, HD a1, ED a1
    Dam: V Reni von Oasis, SchH3, Kkl1, HD a1, ED a1
  • Hendrix is a correctly sized, clear headed, high drive male out of the 6 x VA Teejay von Wilhendorf. Hendrix combines physical beauty, masculinity and correct conformation with tremendous drives and an insatiable desire to work. V1 Show rated, 5 x IPO3, placed 10th at the WDA National IPO championship, 2014 National Universal Sieger Champion.Hendrix’ ZW score is 72.

    Hendrix is available for stud. We require hip and elbow certifications as well as a current Brucellosis test for all females.


  • Male
  • Quentin von Grobis Meute SchH3, IPO3, AD, FH2, Kor+/3
  • Highest scoring FH2 91 Giant Schnauzer in the USA
    2009 ISPU (Riesenschnauzer World Championship Austria) 8th Place
    2009 USA Working Dog Championship 11th Place
    2008 Southeast Regional Championship 2nd Place
    2008 ISPU (Riesenschnauzer World Championship Italy) 10th place
    2009 WRSF Schnauzerfest Champion


  • Female
  • Heddy von Brownstone BH, AD
  • Dam: Orchard Knob Eva
    Sire: Hendrix von den Oher Tannen
  • Heddy is one of our young future female stars here at Leading Edge Kennels. She is a daughter of the V1 Hendrix von den Oher Tannen and already shows many of his traits. She has great drive and focus with super athleticism.